At FZ FORZA we take great pride in working with sustainability, and we strive to improve our sustainable business conduct continously.

Recycled polyester 

Play badminton with a green mindset. Most of the FZ FORZA apparel collection is made of polyester created from recycled plastic
bottles. With this step we want to take our part of the responsibility for our planet.

So in this new collection all club shirts, shorts/skirts, pro player shirts and a main part of the jackets and pants are made of 100% recycled polyester. We hope you will choose your next FZ FORZA product with this in mind, and help us help the planet.

How It Works

Going Green Is Easy

All styles that are made of recycled polyester have an extra hangtag in front of the normal one to make it easy for you to go green when choosing your badminton outfit.

So how does it work with the recycled polyester? The process of making this recycled polyester is described below.

PET bottles are collected and chopped

Chopped bottles are processed into chips

After being washed, the chips a melted into a fiber

Yarns are pulled from the melted polyester

The raw filament yarns are spun into yarn then woven into a variety of different fabrics