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FZ FORZA is top quality equipment at fair prices, developed in Denmark by badminton players for badminton players. 

About fz forza Danish flag

FZ FORZA was founded in 1990 in Denmark by Mark Christiansen. We are proud of being innovated in Denmark, and we strive to follow European and Nordic trends, when we design our products, while always keeping the Danish flag and Danish references in mind.

Creating FZ FORZA, was based on the idea of a Danish quality product at a fair price as an alternative to the Asian brands. The idea turned out to be good, and already after a few years in 1993 FZ FORZA was the second biggest badminton brand in Denmark.

our brand characteristics

We are dedicated to being an inclusive brand, catering to everyone from beginners to elite players. Our philosophy is simple: anyone who wants to play badminton should have access to high-quality gear that suits their needs. That’s why our collection always includes products suitable for all players of all ages, offering a range of options to meet everyone’s requirements in terms of quality, price, and conscious choices.

FZ FORZA do not compromise on design or quality – we create sportsgears with focus on durability, longevity and efficiency. We design our sportsgears to optimize performance and to minimize our costs to society. We aim to create value and positive impacts for the benefitt of our customers and the environment.



FZ FORZA was founded


FZ FORZA became the biggest brand in Denmark


FZ FORZA Europe export was founded


FZ FORZA is now available in 20 countries. In 2013 the number is 41.


FZ FORZA Asia headquarter was founded


FZ FORZA is represented in all European countries and expanding in the Asian market

fw23 catalogue

Watch the entire FZ FORZA FW23 Catalogue in our new, interactive online catalogue.

recycled polyester

At FZ FORZA, we take our responsibility towards the planet seriously. That’s why our apparel collections are crafted from recycled polyester, made from discarded plastic bottles. Do you know how many recycled plastic bottles it takes to make one tee? Follow the link below to learn more about our sustainable production process.


We take a great pride in working with our collaborators, and we are very proud of our partnerships around the world.

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