Rasmus Gemke wearing FZ FORZA Shock Hoody

Club line

Available Fall/Winter 2023


Club line

Available Fall/Winter 2023

FZ FORZA Club Line

We’re excited to introduce the new Fall/Winter 2023 Club Line! Our latest collection includes a variety of stylish tees for Women, Men, and Juniors, as well as a track jacket and a brand new hoody – the Shock Hoody! We hope you’ll love this new addition to our Club Line.


And the best part? Our entire Club collection is made from 100% recycled polyester. Each tee is made from an average of 25 plastic bottles, while our shorts and skirts use around 15 bottles. So when you choose FZ FORZA Club apparel, you’re not only making a stylish choice, but an eco-friendly one too. By wearing our gear, you’ll be stepping onto the court wearing around 40 recycled plastic bottles – pretty cool, right?

Leer and Leck Club Tee
W: FZ233649, M: FZ233650, JR.: FZ233651
Color: 2101

Available now!
VIP Shuttles
Speed: 75, 76, 77, 78, 79

Laureen and Lewy Club Tee
W: FZ233643, M: FZ233644, JR.: FZ233645
Color: 2050

Leam and Lester Club Tee
W: FZ233646, M: FZ233647, JR.: FZ233648
Color: 4009 // 3153

Shock Hoodie
Unisex: FZ233661, JR.: FZ233662
Color: 2050

Available now!
Hybrid 5000 Shuttles
Speed: 74, 77, 78

Available now!
Costa and Colin Club Tee
W: FZ223678, M: FZ223679, JR.: FZ223680
Color: 2085

Luise and Laktan Track Jacket
W: FZ233667, M: FZ233668, Jr.: FZ233669
Color: 2078

Catrin and Canton Track Pants
W: FZ223684, M: FZ223685, JR.: FZ223686
Color: 1001

Liddi Skirt
W: FZ213673, JR.: FZ213704
Color: 96 Black, 1002 White

Landos Shorts, M: FZ213705, JR.: FZ213706
Color: 96 Black, 1002 White

Lindos 2in1 Shorts, M: FZ213685
Color: 96 Black, 1002 White

Laya Shorts, W: FZ213707, JR.: FZ213708, Color: 96 Black

Laika 2in1 Shorts, W: FZ213683, JR.: FZ213684, Color: 96 Black, 1002 White